With an extremely stylish design, Şerbetto-S sherbet, ayran mixer and cooler over counter has been specially designed for you to mix drinks perfectly and keep them at the desired coldness.


Thanks to the bottom cooling system, your drinks are evenly cooled down to the last drop.


For flawless cleaning, all parts of Şerbetto-S contacting with the beverage can be easily and quickly removed.


It can be used confidently with a 19-liter polycarbonate bowl that is impact resistant.


General Features


220 V. 50 Hz. Operating Power,

R134A Refrigerant Gas,

Manual Thermostat Control,

Temperature from +3 to +10 degrees,

Wide Faucet Hose,

Low operating noise level,

Balanced Cooling,

Flat chamber lid used as a cup holder, 

Easy to remove and clean all parts.


Model Description Packing Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Volume, m3 Capacity, Lt
Şerbetto-S  Sherbet, Ayran mixer, and cooler over counter 320X400X700 20 0.09 19